Buy Wins Not Products with Justin Fanelli, CTO of The United States Navy
Building The BaseJuly 09, 2024
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Buy Wins Not Products with Justin Fanelli, CTO of The United States Navy

In this episode of Building the Base, our hosts Lauren Bedula and Hondo Guerts dive in with Justin Fanelli CTO of the United States Navy. The conversation revolved around the defense industry, digital transformation in government, and the importance of professional curiosity and humility in private-public partnerships. Some of the major takeaways included the need for accelerated innovation, prioritizing mission outcomes, removing friction in the defense industrial base, and adopting a portfolio-based approach to digital transformation in government. 

Justin emphases the importance of overcoming cultural and policy barriers, effective risk management, and balancing technological advancements with policy and human considerations.

Key Takeaways

· Navy CTO's background and mission-focused work.

· Military service highlighting the importance of teamwork, discipline, and exposure to a big world.

· CTO role in government, including divestment and friction removal.

· Barriers to innovation in government, with a focus on policy and cultural changes.

· Risk management in public-private partnerships, emphasizing professional curiosity and humility.

· importance of considering both actual risks and generalized context for better decision-making.

· Tech and policy in government

· Using agile methods in government, with a focus on transparency and decentralized coordination.

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