Intro - Digital Warfare Series : U.S. CENTCOM
Building The BaseApril 04, 2024
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Intro - Digital Warfare Series : U.S. CENTCOM

In this kickoff episode of the Special Four Part Series, "Digital Warfighting Series with CENTCOM," our Hosts Lauren and Hondo chat with Schuyler Moore, the Chief Technology Officer of Central Command (CENTCOM). Schuyler puts in context the ongoing digital transformation efforts within CENTCOM as a prelude to the four episodes which follow in this special series. 

The series highlights how CENTCOM is driving digital transformation innovations across various echelons of the command. We hear real-world examples and experiences from those in the command driving this transformation day to day as they apply these new tools and approaches to improve the Command’s operational effectiveness in both the crises of today and those they need to be prepared for in the future.

Key Takeaways:

1. Vision for Digital Transformation: CENTCOM's vision for digital transformation encompasses people, partners, and innovation, emphasizing the need for creative solutions to address complex operational challenges.

2. Real-world Testing and Adaptation: Recent events have served as a real-world test for digital tools and processes, highlighting the importance of adaptability and user feedback in refining capabilities.

3. Echelons of Focus: The series highlights efforts across different echelons, from base defense operations to multinational coordination, providing a comprehensive view of digital initiatives at CENTCOM.

4. Role of Relationships: Success in digital transformation hinges on fostering strong relationships, both within the military and with industry partners, to ensure integration, collaboration, and sustainability.

5. Operational Awareness: Understanding the operational problem set is essential for developing effective solutions, bridging the gap between technical expertise and operational needs.

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