Digital Partner Collaboration with UK LTC Tuni Masi
Building The BaseApril 30, 2024
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Digital Partner Collaboration with UK LTC Tuni Masi

In this episode of the Digital Warfighting Series with CENTCOM, the focus is on the digital aspect of partnered operations, particularly exploring international components. Lieutenant Colonel Tuni Massey, a British Army Officer embedded within the US Central Command’s J6 branch, discusses the role of the Collaborative Partner Environment (CPE) in facilitating information sharing among coalition partners. Through CPE, CENTCOM aims to revolutionize data exchange and collaboration, breaking down barriers that traditionally hindered rapid information sharing in military operations. The conversation delves into the challenges of traditional networking, the importance of security in data sharing, and the transformative potential of CPE in enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Key Takeaways:

1. CPE enables rapid establishment of information sharing networks, reducing setup time from months to minutes, thus enhancing operational agility.

2. Unlike traditional networking, CPE operates on a zero-trust architecture, ensuring data security by controlling access at the object level.

3. The adoption of CPE necessitates a cultural shift, with users assuming greater responsibility for data tagging and sharing.

4. CPE's impact extends beyond headquarters operations, providing real-time information exchange capabilities to field commanders, thereby enhancing decision-making efficiency.

5. The development of CPE reflects CENTCOM's leadership in digital transformation within the military, with potential applications across other combatant commands and international partnerships.

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