Digital Counter-UAS Operations with COL Molly Solsbury
Building The BaseApril 09, 2024
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Digital Counter-UAS Operations with COL Molly Solsbury

In this episode of the Digital Warfighting Series with CENTCOM, co-hosts Hondo Geurts and Lauren Bedula are joined by Colonel Molly Solsbury to delve into the digital side of counter UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems). Col. Solsbury, Commander of the 513 Military Intelligence Brigade, shares her journey into the Army, the focus of her unit on the Middle East, and the challenges and strategies in countering UAS threats. They discuss fostering a culture of innovation, the importance of collaboration across warfighting functions, and the impact of real-life events on innovation efforts. Col. Solsbury emphasizes the need for data integration and interoperability among industry partners to accelerate capabilities downrange.

Key Takeaways:

1. Culture of Innovation: Col. Solsbury underscores the significance of empowering operators, analysts, and soldiers to contribute to problem-solving and fostering a culture where solutions are derived from those closest to the problem.

2. Multi-Domain Approach: Counter UAS efforts require a multi-domain approach, necessitating collaboration across different warfighting functions, including intelligence, air defense, and electronic warfare.

3. Speed and Scale Challenge: The evolving threat landscape of UAS attacks demands innovative solutions that can address the speed and scale of the problem effectively.

4. Technical Debt Col. Solsbury highlights the concept of technical debt, emphasizing the need to streamline and modernize existing systems and tools to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Industry Collaboration Industry partners are encouraged to prioritize data integration and interoperability within their solutions to facilitate seamless integration and maximize operational effectiveness.

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