Digital Combatant Command Coordination, with BG John Cogbill
Building The BaseApril 23, 2024
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Digital Combatant Command Coordination, with BG John Cogbill

In this episode of the "Digital Warfighting Series with CENTCOM,"co-hosts Lauren Bedula and Hondo Geurts sit down with Brigadier General John Cogbill from CENTCOM to explore the strategic implications of digital transformation in modern warfare. From operationalizing the commander's vision to fostering a culture of innovation, Brigadier General Cogbill provides insights into how headquarters are redefining their approach to digital warfighting.

Key Takeaways:

1. Culture of Innovation: Initiatives like the Dragon's Lair and the Innovation Oasis are pivotal in unlocking the potential of servicemen and women, empowering them to become problem solvers rather than just problem identifiers.

2. Digital Transformation in Real Time: The integration of live data and real-world scenarios enables unprecedented levels of situational awareness, allowing commanders to make informed decisions and maintain a common operating picture across the AOR.

3. Experimentation and Collaboration: Despite the demands of real-world operations, CENTCOM prioritizes experimentation and collaboration with industry partners to drive digital literacy and refine warfighting capabilities.

4. Interoperability and Integration: Ensuring interoperability across components and with partner nations remains a critical focus, with ongoing efforts to streamline data flow and optimize decision-making processes.

5. Strategic Vision: Looking ahead, the command envisions a future characterized by live data-driven decision-making processes, minimizing reliance on traditional methods like PowerPoint and maximizing the effectiveness of digital tools in achieving mission objectives.

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